Medicaid / Medicare / Insurance

Medicaid Insurance

Medicaid Provides health care access to millions of Americans who otherwise won’t have access to treatments. We are one such dentist that accepts Medicaid. Some examples of plans we accept are:● Medicare Plan C ● Medicare advantage Plan ● Anthem Medicare Advantage ● Humana

What to expect during your visit

What can you expect if you’ve never used Medicaid for dental or haven’t visited the dentist in a while?

Please call to schedule a consultation to assess care needed and coverage available to you!

What does Medicaid for Dental cover?

What isn’t covered under Medicaid?

All Medicare / Medicaid plans vary and are different in what they cover! Please call so we can schedule a time to help you.

What do Medicaid dentures look like?

Medicaid covers the adjunctive services necessary to maintain dentures. This includes professional upkeep like cleaning, adjustments, and repairs.


Can I use Medicaid / Medicare for dental?

If you qualify, yes, you can use Virginia Medicaid dental. Eligibility is based on income, family size, disability, and age. If you are eligible, you must first enroll in Virginia’s Medicaid program.

Why choose Affordable Dental Solutions as your Medicaid / Medicare dentist?

Choose us for our reliability and affordable services. Stay with us because we believe your economic situation should never prevent you from your best smile. We are the Richmond, VA dentist you have been looking for!
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