General Dentistry

General Dentistry with Affordable Dental Solutions

Are you looking for a reliable dentist in the Richmond, VA, area? Do you need a dentist who accepts Medicaid/Medicare? Affordable Dental Solutions is here to help. We provide fillings, extractions, root canal services, and dentures. Don’t let tooth pain linger – call today to get a solution!
Fast service. Very professional staff. Did great work, and didn’t break the bank.
Lee Stryker

Don’t Let Cavities Ruin Your Smile

If you need to repair small cracks or cavities, fillings are ideal. Our dentists clean the affected tooth of all contaminants and strengthen the area with a filling mixture. Fillings can restore the appearance of the affected tooth and protect it from further cavities or bacterial damage. By using preventative measures like fillings, you can avoid more dental work in the future. [Schedule an appointment today to see if you need any fillings!]

Medicaid Denture Provider

We gladly accept Medicaid / Medicare for denture services at Affordable Dental Solutions, call to schedule a time to see what your plan covers. Find out more about our dentures!
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