A priceless smile at an affordable rate.

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A dentist in Chesterfield, VA, that has been trusted since 1987

Looking for a reputable, reliable dentist in Chesterfield, VA?

We provide comprehensive dental care for you and your whole family. Our preventive care will help you stay healthy. Our top-notch restorative care can restore your self-confidence. When you’re struck by a dental emergency, Chesterfield, you can depend on us. If you need affordable dentures in Chester, VA, call us today!

Your oral health is vital to your everyday life. Every time you eat or speak, you’re using what we treat. So trust Affordable Dental Solutions for dentistry in Chesterfield, VA.

A dentist in Virginia that accepts Medicaid

What sets us apart is our affordability. As a Virginia Medicaid Dentist, we understand affordability is a barrier between families and the dental care they deserve.

We believe your economic situation should never stand between you and your health. That’s why we accept most Medicare and Virginia Medicaid dental plans.

Under Medicaid dental, Virginia does not impose any copay or coinsurance. So if you’re enrolled in Virginia Medicaid Dental, you shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for anything covered. If you do not have Medicare or Medicaid we offer a wide range of financing options to fit within your budget.

What should you expect from Medicaid Dental Virginia? [Read more about Virginia Medicaid Dental here.]

How do we compare to other Chesterfield Dentists?

Let our clients answer that.

“Absolutely the best dentistry experience I’ve had in my 55 years of having teeth!”

Kymberly H. 5/16/2023
“I was able to book a new patient appointment pretty quickly. As a new arrival, I expected to simply speak about my issues and then schedule another appointment to take care of them. Instead, they filled my cavity that day.”
Victoria J. 4/5/2023
“The best dentist I’ve ever been to! Dr.Mike changed my life. I was having wisdom teeth pain for YEARS! I had insurance, but no one in the Richmond area would help… This office treated me with respect from the moment I walked in… They worked together like a team and made sure I felt safe and satisfied.”
T. E. 4/24/2022